ProductRapid prototyping

We turn your idea into rapidly developed prototypes.

Low fidelity prototypes

We use low fidelity prototypes to validate the idea with the client. This way we can ensure that nothing was lost in translation and use this as the basis for the high fidelity prototypes.

High fidelity prototypes

We use high fidelity prototypes to fine tune the final user journey and experience, the final development will be based on these prototypes ensuring client and user satisfaction.

ProductUser Validation

The User Validation process involves engaging with potential / intended users of the idea to evaluate viability of the product before entering the build phase.

The following criteria is evaluated:

Perceived benefits and Awareness

Positive and negative reactions

Comparative advantage and Emotional reactions

Intention of use and General feedback

ProductUX / UI Design

The UX function will be applied from the prototyping phase and refined afterwards. The UI function will be applied on the final high fidelity prototypes in preparation for build.


World class designs


The web and mobile development follows the systems development life cycle.


Producing user stories for the development team in JIRA.


Development happens in two week sprints. Our agile development methodology involves the client throughout build process.


Every sprint is first tested before it is published in order to maintain quality control.


The system is deployed initially to a staging instance and then a live instance in order to aid continuous development.